Blitzkrieg – “A Time Of Changes” (1985)

A late NWOBHM entry.  Blitzkrieg broke up in the early eighties before ever recording a full-length LP (they did manage to release a single).  Singer Brian Ross went on to a few other bands (most notably: Satan), but then reformed Blitzkrieg post-Satan to record the Blitzkrieg album that never was.  Indeed, had this very collection of tunes been recorded and released in 1981, we may just be talking about a bona fide NWOBHM classic here!  But in 1985 A Time Of Changes was kind of like a frozen burrito chipped loose from the back of the freezer and microwaved back to life.  That is to say, A Time Of Changes would have tasted much better in ’81 (while still comfortably within its expiry date).  By 1985, the NWOBHM was pretty much on life-support.  However, a frozen burrito can still be tasty, even well beyond its use-by date (yes, I am sticking with this burrito analogy despite my better judgment).  So… yeah, I guess what I am saying is A Time Of Changes is an unfrozen, frozen burrito.

A Time Of Changes (Neat Records) features a very strong first half, highlighted by the “classic” tune Blitzkrieg (famously covered by you-know-who, and the A-side of that early single I mentioned above), as well as the almost 38 Special-ish tune, Pull The Trigger.  The absolute highlight of the album, however, has to be Armageddon, a song that fuses the dire sense of impending oblivion conveyed by Blitzkrieg with the sheer catchiness of Pull The Trigger.  Great f*cking song!  All my fondness, I should mention, comes despite of, and not because of, the voice of Brain Ross.  It is one I find to be rather ordinary and plain of character  (Nice high scream, though.)  I think I’m in the minority though.  Seems quite a few people love Ross’ voice.  I thought he was the weak link in Satan, though I will say I like him a little better here.

As for side two, it is not quite as great as side one.  Hell To Pay and Saviour are rather ordinary rockers.  A Time Of Changes is decent.  Vikings is the best thing on side two.  Great atmosphere conveyed on that one. 

When all is said and done, A Time Of Changes is a winner.  This record belongs in the collection of any NWOBHM fan, even if it arrived tardy for the party.  My score: B+ 


One thought on “Blitzkrieg – “A Time Of Changes” (1985)

  1. Whoa…what a nuclear blast from the past.

    Brian Ross just came off a classic album, in October 1983’s with Satan Court in the Act”…came out the same week as Mercyful Fate’e “Melissa”.
    first cd– RoadrunneR /Far East Metal Syndicate 1994
    2nd CD–Neat Metal Japan 1997, with bonus tracks

    I believe “A time of Changes” was releases in August 1985.

    Here are the CD info’s for that release.

    1st CD, this back layout is the same as the LP VERSION..making it the superior pressing.
    Neat Records / Metal Mania Japan…Cat # TECP–25355
    Has the October 1981 single as bonus tracks !!!!!!!!

    2nd CD is on Castle Communications, and the first pressing blows this one prob!
    Cat# CLACD 268

    And the collectors version of this is called “A time of changes–phase 1” and is a 2CD set
    Cat # CMDD523.

    And in 1991 Roadracer Records had a 5 song EP, with the October 1981 single material along with 3 new songsl. cat # RO 9302-2

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