Grim Reaper – “Fear No Evil” (1985)

With their sophomore LP, Grim Reaper were like the anti-Captain Kirk; boldly going EXACTLY where they had gone before.  You see, Fear No Evil was an almost carbon-copy of Grim Reaper’s debut See You In Hell (1983).  Same straightforward (and extremely repetitive) approach, same cliché lyrics, same overall gritty vibe.  Vocalist Steve Grimmett stole the limelight once again with his banshee wails and dramatic style.  (Side note: The man is a legend in my book thanks to his awesome performance on Chateaux’s Chained And Desperate LP).  The big guy really had a bullet-proof voice!  The biggest improvement for the Fear No Evil album over See You In Hell has to be an upgrade in the production department, as See You In Hell was sloppy and muddy; typical of an early Ebony Records hatchet job.  Fear No Evil‘s production wasn’t great, but still an improvement.  Fear No Evil sounds much “tighter”, too.  (Hmmm… let me scan the liner notes… yep, just as I thought… a new drummer for Fear No Evil.  That explains the tighter sound.  As I recall, the guy on See You In Hell couldn’t keep time.)  Well, there you go.  If you liked See You In Hell, you’ll like this one, too.  My score: B-


One thought on “Grim Reaper – “Fear No Evil” (1985)

  1. I never really cared to hunt down the 1st or second pressings. Of the first 2 Grim Reaper releases, on Japanese Import, or when BMG did a version with Spifire Records.

    But when I say the BMG version that was a 2 for 1, of the first 2 releases on one disc, i grabbed that right-a-way. CAT # COL-CD-2739.

    I was floored when Steve Grimett ended up as the vocalist for UK thrashers…Onslaught for the “In Search of Sanity” album,.

    Chained and Desperate needs to be released as a stand-alone release, but now the Ebony Records back catalogue belongs to Universal Records….so I never expect a “Chained and Desperate” release to come from such a billboard 100 & pop culture oriented record label.

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