Twisted Sister – “Love Is For Suckers” (1987)

As the story goes… this was supposed to be a Dee Snider solo album.  But Atlantic forced Dee’s hand and had the album released under the Twisted Sister name.  Apparently, Dee Snider’s Twisted Sister band mates didn’t actually play on the album.  Love Is For Suckers was put together by Snider, Ronni Le Tekro (guitarist for TNT), Reb Beach (the soon to be guitarist for Winger), and producer Beau Hill.  But since Dee Snider wrote all of Twisted Sister’s material, the songwriting style on Love Is For Suckers wasn’t a far cry from Twisted Sister’s previous work.  But the execution on this album was WAY different! 

At the time Love Is For Suckers was recorded, Twisted Sister was in a bad place.  Their last album, Come Out And Play, was a disappointment, and the band was falling apart.  In fact, Twisted Sister broke up in ’87, not too long after Love Is For Suckers came out (and subsequently bombed).

When I first heard Love Is For Suckers I wasn’t too impressed.  But with time, I actually have come to enjoy this album, though it is significantly flawed.  First of all, I’m pretty sure the drums are fake.  A drum machine must have been used.  To me, that’s just a cardinal sin in rock ‘n roll!  There’s no excuse for that crap.  What this album needed, in my opinion, was much less Beau Hill (he overproduced this thing, making Love Is For Suckers sound too polished… too much like a studio creation), and more Twisted f*ckin’ Sister.  Actually, the substrate on Love Is For Suckers wasn’t all that bad.  I wish Twisted Sister had recorded this album as a full band.  It would have sounded more lively, more real.  But I guess that’s neither here nor there.  Nevertheless, the final product actually has some catchy tunes.  Sure the lyrics kind of suck, and I can tell by listening to Love Is For Suckers that Dee was desperate to get back on the radio and back on MTV.  (Dee Snider was, and remains to this day, a shameless whore for the spotlight.)  The best tracks include Wake Up (The Sleeping Giant), Hot Love, and Love Is For Suckers.  Hardcore SMF’s from the ol’ days, you’ll hate this.  But, taken for what it is (a Snider solo venture), it ain’t nearly as bad as everyone says.  My score: B


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