Warrant – “The Enforcer” (1985)

No, not THAT Warrant.  This Warrant was a German metal band on the Noise Records label (also Banzai Records in Canada).  Nothing complicated, just good ol’ fashion heavy metal drenched in the blood and puke of Teutonic awesomeness.  Think Grave Digger, Tyrant, or (one of my faves) Stormwind.  There were tons of bands like Warrant coming out of Germany in the mid-eighties.  And I love ’em all!  (Thank you Satan for giving us so much kick-ass METAL!)  Old school riffing and nasty solos should bring a smile to your ugly mug.  Warrant’s singer, Jörg Juraschek, had the prototypical German metal voice; shrieky, screechy, and indecipherable.  But I like his rabid ferocity, and he could carry a tune just enough to get by; imparting a little melody on top of these guitar-driven ear assaults.  Like I said, nothing fancy here from Warrant, but I like the cut of their jib.  Faves include Cowards Or Martyrs and Betrayer.  PLAY IT LOUD!  My score: A-


One thought on “Warrant – “The Enforcer” (1985)

  1. The CD pressing of this title is this EP and Debut album with 3 new tracks in 1999…I traded it away, no fault of the band, just if I have something laying around, and I know it will not get used, I just trade it away. There are more metal fans, than CD pressed, so I never hoard stuff.

    Unless it is a classic/ cult classic in my eyes, ala Metallica “Kill em All” or Exumer “Possessed by Fire”. Then I have like a dozen of there cd’s laying around the house. If a CD of Anthrax “Fistful of Metal” gets scratched I just make a necklace out of the old disc, and do into my survivalist military footlocker thing-y…and just pull-out another copy…I am always asking my bosses for overtime, to make that magic time machine box happen.

    It happened again, some metal fan graduated college out west, and told his dad to just sell his metal collection. He sold off his old Helloween, Savatage, Mercyful Fate, King Diamond, Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, and ha ha Bathory, Vader. So as a record collector i never give up. Dearborn music this week was like a trip back to 1997, King Diamond & Mercyful Fate 1997 GOLD DISC in stock, whoa…Dearborn Music…I think there telephone number is 313*561*1000. The Bathory stuff is gone, the whole back catalog sold in less than 8 hours. Be-careful though some of that stuff is BMG/ CRC pressing, which is fine for “beater” disc, but not for the actual record collection.

    I did okay, I snagged a Fastway “Fastway” CD (fuck yeah…that dude sounds like Robert Plant but in a metal delivery style), a replacement for my old tattered Queensryche 1983 EP, and a RATT “RATT” CD instead of crappy cassette, in 2nd press, my very last cassette, broke, and I found the replacement CD the next day. Luck beyond belief.

    My favorite survivalist is Jim Rawles, says to have 3 years of food around the house, enough for your family and 2 others. And to that I added 30 years of metal, to his theory..ha ha.

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