AC/DC – “Fly On The Wall” (1985)

Somewhat of a shocking turn of events here.  After a slew of great albums, AC/DC finally f*cked up with Fly On The Wall.  The brothers Young produced this album so poorly that they might as well have saved themselves some time and just defecated directly into my ears.  This thing is borderline unlistenable.  The boys’ guitars sound a mess; uncharacteristically distorted and colder than a witch’s tit.  Brian Johnson’s voice may have been recorded in another state.  Maybe its a good thing, as it is clear his voice was absolutely shot.  Not sure what happened to Brian in between the Flick Of The Switch and Fly On The Wall albums, but the quality of his voice diminished severely, to the point of god-awful.  Fly On The Wall features a new guy (Simon Wright) on drums, and it seems clear his instructions were to play exactly like the man he replaced, Phil Rudd.  But there is only one Phil Rudd.  Wouldn’t it have been better to let Wright play his own style?  Is there even a single drum fill on the whole album?

So yeah, the sound quality is abysmal.  Nevertheless, in terms of songs, Fly On The Wall has its moments.  It is AC/DC after all.  Shake Your Foundations is the album’s best track.  Sink The Pink is also a winner.  Playing With Girls has a nice groove, as does Stand Up (but the chorus ain’t so great).  As an AC/DC completist, Fly On The Wall is a must own for me, but in no way shape or form is this AC/DC at their best.  My score: B- 


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