Helloween – “Helloween” (1985)

Helloween!  Cool band name.  Cool logo.  Cool imagery.  Just cool all around.  Helloween stormed on to the scene in a blur of orange and black with this five track mini-LP (Noise Records).  The album begins with the Silver Shamrock jingle from the movie Halloween III before blasting off in earnest with the rousing Starlight.  This record is relentless in its speed, but doesn’t fail to counter its aggression with plenty of quick-picked melodic guitar leads and memorable refrains.  Helloween’s unique brand of blazing speed and “Happy Helloween!” melodies had many a listener liken them to a jacked-up, coked-up Iron Maiden.  The unquestionable highlight of the album (IMO) is Victim Of Fate; a smoking track with a powerful chorus.  Helloween’s weakness on this mini-LP (and its follow-up Walls Of Jericho) was Kai Hansen’s vocals, which were less than revelatory.  Sounding like an angry munchkin crossed with an asthmatic weasel, Hansen gave a yeoman’s effort, but just didn’t have the character in his voice to carry the day.  It wasn’t that he was particularly bad (I would say he was average), it’s just that Helloween were a special band that deserved greatness all around.  Once Helloween added Michael Kiske (and his superhuman vocal cords) to their ranks for 1987’s Keeper Of The Seven Keys Part I, they fulfilled their fullest potential and became (for a short period) one of the best bands in heavy metal history.  My score: B+ 


One thought on “Helloween – “Helloween” (1985)

  1. There is a Japanesse edition of this on CD , as a stand-alone, It is on my want list. This EP is tacked on to Wall of Jericho on the Futurist Pressing, and later Noise editions

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