Iron Angel – “Hellish Crossfire” (1985)

Blackened to a charred crisp in Satan’s kitchen, this acid-dipped German LP pulverizes the listener with thick, mighty riffing and ripping leads.  In many ways, Iron Angel were forged from the same substrate as Walls Of Jericho-era Helloween, yet without the flecks of light that colored those tasty Helloween platters.  That is, Iron Angel didn’t court melody like Helloween.  No sugar and spice, or anything nice.  Nay, this colorless and wicked collection of tunes emanates directly from Lucifer’s ball froth.  On riffs and power alone, Hellish Crossfire will likely light a fire under your skinny ass, but the “vocals” of Dirk Schroder, at least for me, douse the flames of enjoyment with rancid yellow piss.  I think I have ear AIDS!  Dirk’s caustic, grating voice subtracts from the beer-swilling awesomeness of the band’s punishing, panzer-like assault.  My score: B-


2 thoughts on “Iron Angel – “Hellish Crossfire” (1985)

  1. I think this is a good album.

    But the first Angel Dust and first Exumer are more essential than this. But if you see this USED for sure pick it up.

    I know SPV did it on CD in a bad way, ie mid-price and I think I seen this title is Old Metals old cataologe, in the OMR series. So this needs to be done on CD, ala Sentinel Steel or High Vaultge, ie better sound, fat insert booklets, and killer bonus tracks.

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