Tyran’ Pace – “Long Live Metal” (1985)

Another band spinning in orbit of Judas Priest was Germany’s Tyran’ Pace.  Their second album Long Live Metal shows a clear Priest influence.  Imagine if you will an entire album of songs that sound like Priest’s Riding On The Wind.  That’s kind of what Long Live Metal is to me.  On the down side, the drum sound is a bit condensed and mechanical much like Priest’s Defenders Of The Faith album; lacking the analog warmth that I prefer.  (If you have read many of my reviews you can probably see that I am somewhat obsessed with how the drums sound!)  Vocalist Ralph Scheepers lives comfortably in the high, ball-pinched, register.  Nearly every tune on Long Live Metal is high-energy, and fast paced.  It is that driving momentum that carries this album.  Sure, Tyran’ Pace weren’t necessarily ground breaking or original, but at least they took their influence from the right places.  That is, at least they sound like Judas Priest’s screaming metal side and not their more commercial or plodding side (crap songs like Fever and Love Bites come to mind).  Long Live Metal does contain a few by the number metal numbers and a fair bit of lyrical clichés, but overall the album is a good ride through mid-eighties metal land.  Highlights include the rousing Shockwaves, the catchy-as-hell Night Of The Wolves, and the album finale Killers On The Highway.  Long live metal?  You’re god-damn right.  My score: B+


One thought on “Tyran’ Pace – “Long Live Metal” (1985)

  1. The first Japanese Pressing ?

    VICP-o60 comes as a 2 for 1 with “Watching you”.

    I remember ordering this from Noise Mailorder along with a Kreator LP.

    A flying V on fire…a no-brainer metal purchase back then. Oh and I love the sentiment LONG LIVE METAL !!!

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