Yngwie J. Malmsteen’s Rising Force – “Marching Out” (1985)

Yngwie’s debut from 1984 was a bit of a coming out party for the egomaniacal Swede.  The album showcased Malmsteen’s incredible guitar chops and innovative neo-classical style.  The album had many a guitar aficionado scrambling for the woodshed.  But the record did little for the casual metal fan, as it was almost entirely instrumental.  With Marching Out, Malmsteen returned with an arsenal of actual songs, with Jeff Scott Soto providing the vocals.  The result was an album that all metal fans could enjoy (including yours truly).  Though Malmsteen’s signature soloing style was still on full display, Malmsteen unleashed some torrid metallic riffs, too.  His solos, though technically dazzling, rarely evoked much emotion from the listener, other than the obvious “wow” factor.  Sometimes Malmsteen’s solos feel like finger exercises rather than something part and parcel to the song at hand.  This has always been the knock on Malmsteen.  His neo-classical shredding doesn’t necessarily evoke anger, tension, sorrow, or joy (or whatever the song calls for).  I probably enjoy Malmsteen’s work best in the context of a well-structured song complete with soaring vocals and wicked riffs.  Marching Out has a few such fiery metal tunes.  My personal favorite is I’ll See The Light, Tonight.  At its best, Malmsteen’s writing created an atmosphere of the gothic mixed with that of Valhalla-bound viking lore.  That’s not to say all the songs are winners.  A few come off as a bit stiff or plodding.  Nevertheless, this is a quality metal album that should please guitar junkies and casual metal fans alike.  My score: B


2 thoughts on “Yngwie J. Malmsteen’s Rising Force – “Marching Out” (1985)

  1. Every metal fan should own this at all cost…even if you have to miss food for 1 day…it is that METAL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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