KISS – “Asylum” (1985)

Ah yes, Asylum!  From a fashion sense, Asylum kicked off what my brother (renown KISS enthusiast, a.k.a. “The Elder”) affectionately calls the band’s “Phyllis Diller Years” (because of the band’s fay, flowing, rainbow-riffic clothes).  Nowadays, KISS looks back on their sans-makeup days without any real acknowledgement that it even existed (probably because it seems uncool in today’s… uhm… market).  But, those middle eighties albums were pretty strong in this reviewers humble opine.  (I have my own eighties metal website for Christ’s sake, what do you expect?)  I really enjoy Animalize (1984) and Crazy Nights (1987) especially.  As for Asylum, I think it’s an okay album, but not a great one.  KISS (and their army of outside writers) came up with a couple of memorable tunes in King Of The Mountain, Who Wants To Be Lonely, and Tears Are Falling.  The latter was the record’s break away hit, penned by Paul Stanley alone.  As per usual, the best cuts were the Paul Stanley ones, although I am a bit partial to Gene’s Trial By Fire.  However, Paul did make a few head scratching choices.  The middling Radar For Love steals a bit from Zep’s Black Dog, while Uh! All Night pilfers from Misty Mountain Hop.  Sh*t, I actually kind of like Uh! All Night, as it is a tasty throwback to KISS’ 1970s hard rock style.  Shame about the incredibly embarrassing song title and chorus.  I’m not sure even Spinal Tap would go there.  Oh Paul, will you ever learn?  My score: B


4 thoughts on “KISS – “Asylum” (1985)

  1. Did you actually compare ‘Uh! All Night’ to ‘Misty Mountain Hop’? Never put that one together before. Anyway, this is the first Kiss album I ever heard. Love it. Love 80’s Kiss.

    • That’s not to say I think KISS ripped Zep off. But listen to the verse riff of Misty Mountain Hop, and you can sing along from Uh! All Night: “When you work all day and you don’t know why…”

  2. Cool album . Love that song TEARS ARE FALLING.

    I always thought this band could do no wrong just like VAN HALEN.

    This was QUORTHON’S of BATHORY fame favorite band!!!!!!!!

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