At War – “Ordered To Kill” (1986)

Rambo metal!  Look at that album cover.  Can you say UNDERGROUND?  Yes indeed, straight from the tree fort and into your quivering ear holes, it was At War, a Virginia trio executing a Motorhead-meets-Slayer-meets-Razor tactical assault.  The sound of Ordered To Kill was raw, but with good instrument fidelity.  Ordered To Kill captured a capable three-piece band with savage, nasty lust for thrash.  The standout of the group was Dave Stone (drums); he gave extra life to At War’s rather ordinary song writing.  Though not an essential release, Ordered To Kill has a few worthwhile moments.  The title track drops a live grenade down your pants, as it opens the album with a bucket o’ hate.  The Hammer is a truly blistering take on the ol’ Motorhead classic.  Ilsa (She Wolf Of The S.S.) is based on a the 1975 Nazi exploitation movie of the same name (never seen it).  However, nothing more than the occasional play-through of Ordered To Kill will be required because the raw, curt vocals of Paul Arnold severely limits this album’s appeal.  At War, it seems, was more than happy to remain firmly entrenched in their comfy backwoods’ foxhole.  The cassette cover was different (see below) and contained an extra track called Fuckadafi.  My score: C+


One thought on “At War – “Ordered To Kill” (1986)

  1. Poor New Renissance Records … wanted to be the MUSIC FOR NATIONS of America, even though there was Combat.

    First pressing New Renissance CD are hard to come by, and give up on trying to find them. But if I see this, I would get this. I love all bands in the spirit of Motorhead, even if the band should of waited a year or two longer, before cutting vinyl, before they should of, ie shaking off inital influences.

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