Armored Saint – “March Of The Saint” (1984)

Armored Saint never quite lived up to their major label status.  March Of The Saint was Armored Saint’s first full-length LP, and their first for major label Chrysalis Records.  Though a highly touted live act at the time, (IMHO) Armored Saint didn’t really have enough good songs in their arsenal to really cut through the highly competitive, blossoming metal scene of 1984.  The band has since expressed disappointment in the production of March of The Saint, claiming the final product failed to capture their heavy live sound and energy.  But in 1984, many a metal band got by with far worse (some even abysmal) production.  So I really can’t feel too sorry for Armored Saint in that regard.  Truth be told, March Of The Saint was a fairly solid, but not remarkable record.  Songs such as March Of The Saint, Can U Deliver, and Take A Turn really hit their mark, but many other songs on the album pass from one ear to the other relatively unabated.  Competently executed as they were, these songs lack quality hooks or top-shelf riffage.  And the cover?  Looks like something from a Saturday morning cartoon!  (I bet they would like a do-over on that one.)  In the end, March Of The Saint is a decent enough album, but let’s not get carried away with that “underrated” word, okay?  If anything, save that praise for Armored Saint’s Delirious Nomad record (although I’m not sure about that one either).  Worthless side note: I’ve somehow managed to collect March Of The Saint on tape, vinyl, and CD.  I’m weird.  My score: B-


3 thoughts on “Armored Saint – “March Of The Saint” (1984)

  1. I’ve never owned an “Armored Saint” album.

    >I’ve somehow managed to collect March Of The Saint on tape, vinyl, and CD.

    I have some KISS albums on all three mediums.

  2. I’ve heard this album a couple of times and it’s okay, like you say, not spectacular but good nonetheless. My friend saw them on the Metallica/WASP/Amoured Saint tour in 84 and said it was awesome. I do regret missing it.

  3. Armored Saint is a pretty awesome band. They were on the same label as UFO for there first 3 albums. The band were UFO fans themselves.

    I was sold on this band, when the Video “Can U Deliever” appeared on MTV. Back in mid 1984. A real headbanger. To heavy for the glam crowd, and way to traditional for the bay are thrash fanatics, and death metal manaics.

    I can understand why the Metalli-dudes, Lars and James, want to recruit this singer, John Bush for there power metal / thrash metal band.

    John Bush sounds more convincing in Armored Saint than his tenure in Anthrax. So the Armored Saint first 5 releases are pretty essential in my eyes.

    Oh yeah Can U Deliver has studs, leather and motor cycles….metal to the bone !!!!!!!!!!

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