Warlord – “And The Cannons Of Destruction Have Begun…” (1984)

An odd release from a peculiar, mysterious, but truly awesome band.  (A band that never performed live, by the way.)  The mighty Warlord released And The Cannons Of Destruction Have Begun… (Metal Blade Records) as a soundtrack companion to their VHS video of the same name, a video which consisted of the band performing on stage without an audience.  What we get here are fresh versions of four of the six tracks from Warlord’s stellar debut Deliver Us from 1983, as well as a few new ones; Lost And Lonely Days, Soliloquy, and Aliens.  Of note, a new singer was on board for this record, known as Damien King II (Rick Cunningham), he was not as good as the original Damien King (Jack Rucker), but he was a serviceable replacement indeed.  The sum total?  A great record.  The four songs from Deliver Us stand out as the best, but the new stuff didn’t suck, which was nice.  (The video itself was kind of a steaming pile of cheese, but who cares.) 

In 2003, Metal Blade Records released a DVD + CD package called Warlord Book 1: And The Cannons Of Destruction Have Begun… which contained a DVD of the 1984 video as well as an audio CD of Deliver Us (re-mastered, and with the Mrs. Victoria bonus track).  The DVD + CD package was also released by a German label, Drakkar Entertainment GmbH, but with the title Deliver Us.  (Well worth tracking down, if only for the CD of Deliver Us, which is otherwise very hard to find.)  

I subtracted a bit from my grade because of the rehash of previous material from the EP.  My score: A-


One thought on “Warlord – “And The Cannons Of Destruction Have Begun…” (1984)

  1. Ha…Cool what a classic album from a World Class, and truely classy metal act.

    If you have everything with the WARLORD moniker on it from the LA act, and not the one that is a death metal band, and the other on which I think is a christian band.

    Then you know sometime in 2003…this class album soundtrack, and the first EP was given a bonus track and repacked as a CD + DVD combo, under the title of BOOK 1.

    This album and the first EP need to repressed AGAIN. How about it Metal Blade ????

    One reason I really loved this band, is the guitarist seemed to have alot of Randy Rhodes worship to HIS style, which is always cool with me.

    I have this album rated in the top 250 of all-time. This is just my personal subjective taste in metal and nothing else.

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