Zebra – 3.V (1986)

Album number three for these guys.  Their debut Zebra stands as one of my favorite albums of 1983 (I graded it an A+).  Zebra’s sophomore effort, 1984’s No Tellin’ Lies was a rather difficult listen that contained a few strong tracks but didn’t live up to the debut’s greatness (I gave it a B-).  With 3.V, Zebra took another kick at the can, this time with a slight change in approach.  3.V sounded much more like a product of the eighties than Zebra or No Tellin’ Lies (both of which sounded very 1970s-ish).  The songs on 3.V tended to be more straightforward, less proggy, and less textured.  Furthermore, the album leaned towards the lighter side of hard rock, dipping well into AOR territory.  But there is still no mistaking that this is indeed a Zebra record due to the presence of Randy Jackson and his trademark falsetto.  If a good AOR song has the ability to torque up your crank, then He’s Making You The Fool might just be your wet dream!  What a great f*cking Zebra song!  3.V is a consistent effort and a nice closing chapter to Zebra’s original eighties run (they would release a live album in 1990, and then vanish until 1998).  A talented band seriously worthy of investigation!  My score: B+


One thought on “Zebra – 3.V (1986)

  1. Their debut Zebra stands as one of my favorite albums of 1983 (I graded it an A+)

    AMEN…I always loved all singers falsetto in hard rock and heavy metal. This singer has one of the best timbres in the realm of vocalist who have a falsetto approach.

    And yes even to this day, the Atlantic Record factory always still manufacture new Zebra ” Zebra ” 1983 CD’s. So getting that classic album mint is a possiablity without resorting to the collectors market.

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