Halloween – “Don’t Metal With Evil” (1984)

Who wants a razor-filled apple in their trick-or-treat sack?  

Straight outta Detroit!  Halloween were local heroes in the Motor City during the eighties.  They called their act “The Heavy Metal Horror Show” and dressed up in freaky, spooky clothes and had all kinds of cool decorations on the stage including candles, jack-o-lanterns, and cob webs.  Every night was Halloween at a Halloween show, and from the footage I’ve seen, it must have been a blast watching these guys perform!  For those who remember Halloween, I bet the nostalgia factor is through the roof.  As someone who grew up absolutely loving anything and everything about October 31st, I just wish that I had known about this band’s existence in the eighties.  If my brothers and I had owned a copy of the Don’t Metal With Evil tape back in the day, I can GUARANTEE you we would have worn this thing down to a nub.  We loved this kind of shit.  With song titles like Scared To Death, Trick Or Treat, The Wicked Witch, and Tales From The Crypt, Halloween embraced a kind of campy, PG-13 version of the dark side.  Not the more mean-spirited, shock rock, overly sexualized, or overtly Satanic side that bands like W.A.S.P., Lizzy Borden, or Mercyful Fate adhered to.  (Don’t get me wrong, I advocate that stuff too!)  Halloween were a little more fun-at-heart than those bands.  Just the kind of thing my twelve-year-old self would have soaked up like a sponge.

The reason I probably never heard of Halloween back in the day is because they never made much headway outside of Michigan.  Don’t Metal With Evil, in fact, was released independently by the band (Motor City Metal Records).  From what I can gather, the cassette version of this album first appeared in 1984.  The vinyl edition came out in 1985.  Halloween later released Don’t Metal With Evil on CD in 1998 (this is the version I own).  The record sounds like it was recorded on a low-budget, but the excitement of the band is palpable.  In fact, drummer Bill Whyte may have been TOO excited, because he didn’t really keep time too well.  As for the singer Brian Thomas, he was average at best.  The best performer in the band was easily guitarist Rick Craig.  He had some nice chops, and dished plenty of cool riffs, licks, and solos.  Overall, Don’t Metal With Evil is a live wire of a record, with plenty of speed to go around, and the endearing spirit of METAL flowing through its veins.  The whole thing is just fun and catchy.  You know that prepubescent little boy who still lives within your hardened, callous heart?  He will eat this up like it’s a fistful of candy corn.  My score: B


One thought on “Halloween – “Don’t Metal With Evil” (1984)

  1. A highly worshipped act over at Kick* Ass Metal Blog. KAM blog is a cross between Snakepit Magazine and the original Kick Ass Monthly, with some leanings towards the avant-garde. It is a Metallica, Mercyful Fate, Motorhead worship blog.

    The bands secret ingredients were…Twisted Sister, Randy Rhodes- era Ozzy Osboure, Alice Cooper, and Motley Crue.

    Yes the Cassette appeared in my mail box the same time as Exodus ” A lesson In Violence” advance album. That is circa October / November 1984. The Cassette was put out to keep the buzz going, because the band had a loyal following, and it was a collectors item for the original fan base.

    Yeah the band never made it up to the next level of popularity… since they wanted nothing to do with the music business as it was handled back then by Important and Enigma Records.

    I have this rated as one of the top 250 albums of all-time…luckily taste are different, and all those favorite liste are subjective anyhow.

    Since the first 2 CD’s are collectors items, Pure Steel in Germany repressed ” Don’t Metal With Evil” with 3 bonus tracks and a collectors item in its own right.

    This band for sure was the East Coast answer to Motley Crue…!!!!! No f@!*ing doubt about that !

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