Kreator – “Pleasure To Kill” (1986)

While Slayer (see above) was expanding our threshold for ear-pain here in the States, Kreator was doing similar dirty deeds done dirt cheap over in Germany.  Pleasure To Kill, like Slayer’s Reign In Blood, was an exercise in the extreme.  The album, singular in its intent to bludgeon the listener into submission with speed and brutality, pushing beyond the boundaries of what I consider music.  But unlike Reign In Blood, Pleasure To Kill rarely tosses off a heavy power groove, sounding far too cacophonous for these ol’ ear holes.  Oh sure, the sons of bitches played astonishingly fast, but don’t mistake my admiration for a declaration of enjoyment.  The two sentiments are very different things my friend.  Kreator took their pleasure in sounding putrid and hideous.  An art form onto itself, I suppose.  Their singer, spewing gastric fluid with his cartoonish “evil” vocals, all the while, inciting many bands to follow suit in a similar, repellant, vein (sowing the seeds for hundreds upon hundreds of albums to exist that I actively ignore).  Call me old fashion, but music just shouldn’t require a puke bucket.  My score: C-


2 thoughts on “Kreator – “Pleasure To Kill” (1986)

  1. Actually, I like this album, probably because I don’t take it seriously. My friends and I used to go around singing the title track, being sarcastic of course. Pleasure to Kill does bludgeon you to death but if you drink enough beer, it sounds quite good.

  2. I love this album I have it rated / ranked in the top 250 albums of all time over at Kick Ass Metal, and Snakepit Magazine rates it as high as I do.

    Why so a high a rating, just the band utiizes its Exodus influence in a excellent fashion.

    The Sony/ BMG/ Noise stateside edition of this title is the first stand alone title before this it was pressed on CD as a 2 for 1 on Combat Records !!

    If you like this album then go for the band called Exumer, also a band with a huge Exodus influence, and also form Germany.

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