Lion – “Dangerous Attraction” (1987)

A pair of talented dudes bubbled to the surface on this forgotten slice of hair metal pie.  We’ve got Doug Aldrich (future Dio and Whitesnake axeman) and Kal Swan (ex-Tytan singer).  Unfortunately, Dangerous Attraction (Scotti Bros. Records) was entirely undone by some truly generic, cliché, and by-the-numbers lyrics.  Honestly, the lyrics absolutely KILL this thing.  These guys just had nothing at all to say.  Instead, we are subjected to an endless barrage of “song titles repeated as gang choruses” until we are either forced to plead for mercy, or surrender to a ride on the wheel of cheese.  Song titles include bland stock like Hard And Heavy, Never Surrender, and Fatal Attraction.  You get the idea.  Too bad, because Swan possessed a powerful, somewhat regal set of pipes.  Ham-fisted drumming also contributed to Dangerous Attraction‘s block-headedness.  All that being said, Dangerous Attraction is not a complete bomb.  Aldrich makes sure of that.  And Death On Legs kind of rocks in an embarrassing, but oddly endearing, Foreigner-like way.

Lion, by the way, are best known (to me anyway) as the band that recorded The Transformers (Theme) for the 1986 animated film The Transformers: The Movie (and they really knocked that one out of the park if you ask me).  My score: B-


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