Slayer – “Reign In Blood” (1986)

With Satan riding shotgun, Slayer unleashed 29 minutes of pure hell on this thrash monument.  Slayer surely wanted to make a statement with this beast of a record, to be the fastest, the heaviest, and the sickest in all metal.  Give producer Rick Rubin tons of credit.  Without him, something this fast could have easily sounded like a blur of white noise, but Rubin’s work on Reign In Blood was genius.  He controlled the chaos to amazing results, combining excellent fidelity and clarity with unimaginable heaviness.  The drum sound captured here may have been the heaviest ever at the time.  Just an incredible drum sound, and an earthshaking performance by Dave Lombardo.  The album is book-ended by two stone cold classics — Angel Of Death and Raining Blood.  The former, a face ripping thrash-fest with stomach churning vocals, highlighted by one of the sickest and unholiest riffs Slayer ever unleashed at the 1:38 minute mark.  Raining Blood closes the album in sinister style, as a haunting intro turns into a furious metal storm that climaxes with Araya screaming, “Raining blood from a lacerated sky!  Bleeding its horror…“.  Tremendous!  What lies in between the two classic tracks is a one-dimensional horror show of speed and hate, fraught with fractured anti-solos and E-string domination.  My score: B+


3 thoughts on “Slayer – “Reign In Blood” (1986)

  1. Excellent album, death metal bands need to follow this model of songwriting if your going to play fast and furious your whole career.

    Awesome album, I do perfer Hell Awaits, because it has faster parts, here the band finds the perfect metal pacing thrash meets death metal with tons and tons of cool time changes.

    Also with Hell Awaits, it has been re-pressed on CD alot, so I love collecting every world wide pressing of that album.

    I love the fact Slayer is the perfect mix of Metallica and Mercyful Fate and Exodus, mixed with hardcore thrashing punk rock.

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