Deaf Dealer – “Keeper Of The Flame” (1986)

What have we here?  Deaf Dealer has escaped my radar for some time now.  I’ve had a ripped copy of Keeper Of The Flame for a few years, but until recently never gave it a single spin.  The band’s rather foolish name and the album’s boring cover art didn’t do me any favors.  Turns out the name Deaf Dealer is an ill-suited moniker, as the band’s melodic metal style has yet to render me hearing impaired (or wishing so).  Nay, these Canadians were dealing a tidy metal sound straight outta ’82, summoning ol’ British metal chesnuts of yesteryear.  Enough strong ideas surface On Keeper Of The Flame to keep this unscrubbed scrap piece in rotation.  Check out Dead Zone, a killer tune with a great chorus.  Other highlights include Deaf Dealer and Don’t Get In My Way.  Lead Vocalist Michael Flynn had a relatively understated (but highly serviceable) voice.  He distinguished himself, however, with some cool vocal arrangements (case in point: The Fugitive).  He was also a bit chameleon-like in his style (reminding me of the dude from Detroit’s Halloween on Free And Easy, and then the guy from Malice on Getting Ready To Go).  Deaf Dealer, it turns out, did Canada proud on Keeper Of The Flame.  File this with other forgotten nuggets of Canadian-meets-British metal like Breaker’s In Days Of Heavy Metal (1982) and Witchkiller’s Day Of The Saxons (1984).  Keeper Of The Flame was released on Mercury Records in Canada, Metal Blade Records in the U.S., and both Roadrunner Records and Neat Records in Europe.  My score: B


One thought on “Deaf Dealer – “Keeper Of The Flame” (1986)

  1. Whoa…great to see this band here..!!

    Yeah, to me these dudes are METAL GODS…!!!

    I have the SPV CD…and dam what a bad CD edition, worse than those, RoadrunneR pricekiller series.

    This is one of the Greatest Traditional Heavy Metal albums of all-time. If you have a good system and some awesome head-phones, there is alot of excellent songwriting dynamics to discover.
    re a molten metal disc with tons of excellent melodies and metal perfection heaviness.

    I forever await a CD re-edition of this title, the second time around I hope it gets the collectors edition treatment ala Sentinel Steel or High Vaultage.

    I do think the name change by the management from Death Dealer to Def Dealer, was a horriable mistake, and would not doubt it cost this band tons and tons of sale, and hurt there career.

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