Torch – “Torch” (1983)

An old Swedish relic here.  Torch was released by a bunch of different labels, starting with Tandan Records (Sweden) in 1983.  Banzai (Canada), Mausoleum (Belgium), Megaton (Netherlands), ZYX (Germany) and King (Japan) were just some of the other labels that also issued Torch between 1983-1984.  With that kind of interest from so many labels, one would think that Torch were really on to something with this record, but honestly, I don’t think this album stands up as well as some of the other Swedish albums of the day by bands like Glory Bells, Europe, Heavy Load, Overdrive, and Wizz.  That’s not to say that Torch didn’t possess a quality metal acumen.  They had a tight rhythm section and a penchant for simple, but sturdy metal riffing.  I detect a bit of metallic boogie here and there.  Singer Dan Dark (real name: Östen Bidebo) had a mischievous voice with a bit of a forked-tongue, snake’s hiss going on.  (Cobra Commander anyone?)  When all is said and done, Torch shouldn’t kick up too many complaints from old-school metal enthusiasts, but a lack of strong hooks may keep this one from ascending very many “best of” lists.  Choice cut: Sinister Eyes.  My score: B-


3 thoughts on “Torch – “Torch” (1983)

  1. Metal Blade / Enigma did a CD reediton in 1990. Just a regular reissuse, not part of the Metal Classics series. Which is part of the same Cat # Scheme in the 7 733** and 7 734– series. And the Classic series even spilled into the Caroline / Metal Blade manufacutred Product. Carol CD 22** series.

    Torch * Torch
    Cat # 7 73426-2
    Barcode 0 18777 34262
    Matrix 73426-2 (V) MASTERED BY NIMBUS

    The band does have the heaviness and smooth groove of a Diamond Head and a Iron Maiden. The band said this is a coincidence and there biggest influence in fact was Y & T. So this band is a heavier version of Y & T, which is a good thing, because the year this came out. Y & T released the awesome. MEAN STREAK LP.

    This needs to be repressed on CD again.

    • I have to heavily disagree with your review! ‘Torch’ is an absolute metal classic and easily one of the best things to come out of Sweden in the early/mid 80’s. Great songs (all killer, no filler in my book), excellent playing, a powerful, unique vocalist with plenty of attitude, and kick ass production that’s aged well. If I had to recommend 5 Swedish metal albums from that era, this would be one of them, along with the first 2 Europe records, and probably Proud – ‘Fire Breaks The Dawn’ and EF Band – ‘Deep Cut’.

      • I appreciate the feedback. I agree that Torch has great production. I love the first two Europe albums as well. Recently I discovered another Swedish gem; Saigon’s One Must Die. What do you think of that one?

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