AC/DC – “Who Made Who” (1986)

Who Made Who was the soundtrack to the Stephen King turd of a movie called Maximum Overdrive.  King was a big fan of AC/DC, and wanted their music in his movie (he wrote and directed Maximum Overdrive).  Who Made Who contains six previously released AC/DC tracks and three brand new ones.  As for new material, we get two instrumentals; D.T. and Chase The Ace.  We also get Who Made Who, a truly great AC/DC tune that is brazen in its simplicity, but impossible not to love.  (I must warn you, Brian Johnson’s lyrics are absolutely unintelligible.  Par for the course with Brian.)  As for the old material on Who Made Who, it’s hard to argue with the song selection.  There’s Hells Bells and You Shook Me All Night Long from Back In Black (1980), there’s For Those About To Rock (We Salute You) from For Those About To Rock We Salute You (1981), and there’s two best cuts from Fly On The Wall (1985); Sink The Pink and Shake Your Foundations.  And for icing on the cake we get an old Bon Scott era tune, Ride On, a slow blues masterpiece with Scott baring his wounded soul.  Damn, I love me some Ride On!  With classic tune after classic tune, Who Made Who was a nice little primer for upstart AC/DC fans at the time (I was one).  To be clear, by no means should Who Made Who be considered an AC/DC greatest hits collection, as any greatest hits set for AC/DC (even in 1986) would have required at least a double album.  But you can’t ask for a better soundtrack, even for a movie that most people thought sucked balls.  My score: A+


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