Grave Digger – “Heavy Metal Breakdown” (1984)

Grave Digger made their first contribution to German’s good heavy metal name with Heavy Metal Breakdown.  This album was released in Germany via Noise Records.  In the United States, Heavy Metal Breakdown came out on Megaforce Records.  The U.S. version subtracted one track from the Noise release, 2000 Light Years From Home (a Rolling Stones cover), and added an additional two tracks, Shoot Her Down and Storming The Brain.  (Note: This review pertains to the Noise version.)

Caustic of vocal, and fleet of foot, Grave Digger offered up a mix of speed metal and good old fashion Accept-style heavy metal on Heavy Metal Breakdown.  Gotta love the band’s obvious lust for metal, as if it was their very life blood or something.  These guys shelled out straightforward, machine-like riffage and sturdy beats (no double kick drum, kind of surprising…), as they threw up the horns and brought down the hammer.  The album starts off with a righteous neck workout thanks to the back-to-back speed attack of Headbanging Man and Heavy Metal Breakdown.  The rest of the album contains more than enough blood and iron to maintain my interest, though it never tops the power-surge of the first two nasty cuts.  This kind of rough and searing metal is right up my alley.  If you like this, there’s even better stuff out there from the same bloodline.  Try Stormwind’s Taken By Storm (1984), Gravestone’s Victim Of Chains (1984) and Warrant’s The Enforcer (1985).  My score: B-


One thought on “Grave Digger – “Heavy Metal Breakdown” (1984)

  1. Oh man does this album RULE !!!!

    Imagine a perfect cross between Tygers of Pan Tang, No life til leather and Kill em all- era Metallica, and vintage – era Accept….that is what this band is. Very heavy and POWERFUL, real POWER METAL.

    Myself I rated this as a A+ album…just because of the Tygers of Pan Tang vibe, and some excellent Metallica crunch

    The albums only downside is the lyrics are a bit on the basic side…but the melodies make up for this mistake.

    For the CD version of this get the first Japanese Pressing, has tons of bonus tracks…and the second CD version is from Rough Trade/ Noise and is the same exact version as the Noise LP.

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