Angus – “Track Of Doom” (1986)

I give you… Angus!  Purveyor’s of loud, speedy, crushing Euro-metal.  This four-piece band cut their teeth on the compilation album The Heavy Touch in 1985 (Angus contributed two tracks), and then debuted in earnest with Track Of Doom in 1986.  Track Of Doom was released by Megaton Records (Netherlands), and later by Medusa Records in the States.  In 2001, the good folks a Sentinel Steel re-released Track Of Doom (remastered) along with Angus’ 1987 album Warrior Of The World (re-mixed) as a 2-on-1 CD.  The Sentinel Steel package was really well done, with informative liner notes, pics, and lyrics.  (Sadly, this version is now out of print.)

Angus really captured a meaty, heavy sound on this record.  The guitars were thick, full-bodied, and machine-like.  The drum patterns consisted mostly of continuous double bass pummeling with violent snare hits on the 2’s and 4’s.  Rinse, lather, repeat.  The drumming was fairly repetitive, sure, but the drum sound was quite massive.  Singer Edgar Lois conjured up a righteous, dramatic bellow.  His accent was incredibly thick and some of the song lyrics were kind of quirky.  Keep in mind, English was not a first language for the men of Angus, so cut them a little slack, okay?  The real star of the show, for me, had to be guitarist Bert “Foxx” Ettema.  Whether ripping off a monster riff, or a melodic, well-composed lead break, the man proved he was a fantastic talent.  Track Of Doom contained eight cuts (two of which were instrumentals).  My faves are The Gates and Lose Control.  My score: B


One thought on “Angus – “Track Of Doom” (1986)

  1. “In 2001, the good folks a Sentinel Steel re-released Track Of Doom (remastered) along with Angus’ 1987 album Warrior Of The World (re-mixed) as a 2-on-1 CD. The Sentinel Steel package was really well done, with informative liner notes, pics, and lyrics. (Sadly, this version is now out of print.)”….Quote by Play it Loud Forever

    I advise metal fans to avoid the collectors market because of Greshams Law…but for Sentinel Steel CD’s, i say forget that, every rule has a exception and yeah Denis Gulby, is a total metal maniac, and it shows in his excellent labels back catalogue.

    Everything Sentinel Steel does is stellar. If anyone wants to start a record label, i would recommend… buy all the Sentinel Steel and High Vaultage CD’s you can find, and study those…because that is how you make a HEAVY METAL CD…!!!

    To bad this bands managment did not advise them against the name Angus…because of how big the BAND AC/ DC was back in those days.

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