Overdrive – “Metal Attack” (1983)

Metal Attack (Planet Records) was a really strong debut from Sweden’s Overdrive.  The guitar duo of Janne Stark and Kjell Jacobsson put on a hell of show.  You couldn’t ask for anything more from a pair of guitarists on a traditional metal album.  They were creative, skilled, and crafty.  The melodic metal packed into the ten cuts on Metal Attack provide plenty of rich textures and tasty playing.  Drummer Kenth Ericsson also did a great job on the skins.  Vocalist Pelle Thuresson sounded young and (overly) enthusiastic.  Seemingly going on instinct alone, Thuresson may have been better served to reign in his approach a bit, but chalk it up to inexperience and excitement.  He would improve in time for Overdrive’s great 1984 album Swords And Axes.  To me, Thuresson failed to truly stamp each song on the album as unique, which is the only real downfall of the record; the songs kind of bleed into each other.  Again, Swords And Axes really cleaned up this minor deficiency, with better pacing and stronger hooks.  But Metal Attack is still an instantly likeable record from a high-caliber Swedish act.  Choice cut: Time Will Tell.  My score: B+


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