Acrophet – “Corrupt Minds” (1988)

Corrupt Minds was this young Wisconsin band’s debut.  The ferocious thrash attack of the band has to be admired.  No doubt, these guys could play with the upper-echelon thrash kings of the day (seriously).  Acrophet piled on quality speed riffs and sudden tempo shifts with aplomb.  A definitive touch of hardcore or speedcore (or something “core”, I don’t know…) envelops the record.  Vocals are shouted and/or yelled over the violent, but controlled, chaos below.  My apathy for this album lies not at all with the execution of Acrophet, but rather my disaffection for their chosen genre.  What is missing, for me, is the presence of actual songs (I guess that’s sort of the point).  These compositions seem linear rather than circular; a stockpile of riffs and fast changes that seemingly could be constructed in any order (I know it’s not that simple, it’s just my dumb guy impression).  The hardcore shouting is something that I rarely care for, as it tends to make one song run into another without much differentiation.  So for me, it’s just a matter of taste.  Though I LOVE ’80s metal, there are still certain sub-genres that I don’t fully understand or (more importantly) enjoy.  Here’s one.  That being said, I do actually really like the song Corrupt Minds.  It is the first song on the album (after a short intro), and every time I listen to the Corrupt Minds album, I hear this and think “I get it”, but then the rest of the album goes in one ear and out the other with nary a moment to perk up these ol’ antennae.  Guess my saturation point for this kind of crossover-thrash-whatever-you-call-it is pretty low.  Forgive me Acrophet.  You guys could play like I only dream I could, but my heart belongs to another.  My score: C-


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