Brainfever – “Face To Face” (1985)

Am I the only one out there that loves Brainfever?  I guess Brainfever’s awesome 1984 album Capture The Night wasn’t a big seller, because here we are in 1985, and Brainfever are no longer part of the Mausoleum Records roster (and that’s sad because Mausoleum had some real crap).  Face To Face appeared on Bellaphon Records.  Again, Brainfever just couldn’t catch a break.  Face To Face, like Capture The Night, suffered from lousy production and a sloppy mix.  It’s just too bad, because this band had plenty of good ideas.  We’re talkin’ speedy metal with some superb melodies o’er top courtesy of singer Horst Neumann.  I can only dream what this record would have sounded like in the hands of a mega-producer like Max Norman.  That dude could turn coal into diamonds, so just imagine what he could have done with an uncut and unpolished jewel like Brainfever.  Take a track like Caught By Fire for example (the album finale).  That song just needed a little spit and shine and it would have been downright deadly!  Many successful metal bands never wrote anything as good as Caught By Fire

I think I like Capture The Night just a pubic hair better than Face To Face, only because Face To Face has a few less-than-memorable full speed tracks.  But when Brainfever eased up on the throttle just a little, they were sizzling.  Check out Face To Face and Savior if you want to toast your tits.  My score: B+ 


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