Atomkraft – “Future Warriors” (1985)

Atomkraft’s debut, Future Warriors (Neat Records), compelled Kerrang! magazine critic Mark Putterford to write one of the most scathing (and hilarious) reviews I have ever read.  Putterford went all out, calling the band “retarded”, and also stating they possessed “microscopic talent”.  He refered to Atomkraft’s writing as “pukesome”.  Putterford even offered Atomkraft a deal; he would proclaim them a “promising band” if they, in turn, promised “never to play another note”.  Ouch!  (Atomkraft, by the way, consider this review a badge of honor.)  Truth is, Future Warriors ain’t the worst album I’ve ever heard (by a long shot), but it ain’t the greatest either.  At times, Atomkraft sounded like Venom (that’s a bad thing).  Other times they sounded like Motorhead (that’s a good thing).  Take one part basement-level NWOBHM, and mix it with two parts colorless/cantankerous thrash, and you have Future Warriors.  Best song: Pour The Metal In.  Worst song: Warzone.  And then there’s the song Heat And Pain, an ass-backwards anthem that is as dumb as it is (surprisingly) tolerable.  The entire Future Warriors album was included on a 2004 Atomkraft 2-CD compilation called Total Metal: The Neat Anthology released by Sanctuary/Castle.  My score: C


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