Ratt – “Reach For The Sky” (1988)

I guess I never fully committed myself to being a Ratt fan over the years.  One reason may be because Stephen Pearcy is so darn unlikable.  I mean, in the sea of rock star a-holes from the eighties, Pearcy’s butt-star always seems to shine the brownest.  He’s right up there in Nikki Sixx land.  But hey, I really try not to let that kind of thing inhibit me from enjoying anyone’s actual music.  Jeesh, how could I ever enjoy a KISS album if I avoided a-holes altogether?  Anyway, lately I’ve been on a bit of a Ratt kick.  I’m finally starting to soften on these ol’ sleazebags.  This album here, 1988’s Reach For The Sky, has been getting some serious rotation of late.  I’ve been enjoying the hell out of it!  I still say that Pearcy had the emotional range of a cigar store Indian, but hey, slippery tracks like City To City and What I’m After astutely combine infectious hooks with sleazy ‘tude.  You gotta tip your cap to the boyz.  Incidentally, this album marked the beginning of Ratt’s decline in popularity (though Reach For The Sky did go platinum), so maybe some fans out there never gave Reach For The Sky a fair shake.  Time to revisit, I say.  With all the crap passing as music these days, old Ratt is sounding sweeter than ever!  My score: A-


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