White Tiger – “White Tiger” (1986)

Not to be confused with White Lion, White Wolf, Whitesnake, or White Spirit.  Nor to be confused with Tiger, Glass Tiger, or Tygers Of Pan Tang.  Nay, this be White Tiger.  And this cover photo be sucking gallons upon gallons of frothy choad.  The hair!  I mean, just how much cocaine does it take to… ehh… nevermind.  

Did you ever wonder what happened to guitarist Mark St. John after his brief tenure with KISS?  No?  Well, I’ll tell ya anyway.  He formed White Tiger!  (That’s Mark on the upper right of the album cover with the chia-head.)  St. John played on KISS’ 1984 album Animalize (a very good KISS record, by the way), but was unable to continue with the band due to rare affliction called Reiter’s Syndrome, which hindered his ability to play guitar (at least that’s the story KISS tells).  White Tiger was released by E.M.C. Records and it was the band’s only album.  Despite the unspeakable abortion that is the album’s cover, the music within was actually quite solid.  This was fairly heavy glam metal showcasing Mark’s tasty chops.  Fans of the Animalize album will recognize Mark’s style.  White Tiger suffers from a muddy sound (St. John produced himself), but rocks competently.  Vocals were supplied by David Donato, previously a member of Black Sabbath for about two seconds.  The best track on the album, without a doubt, is Rock Warriors.  I also really like Still Standing Strong.  Check it out if you have a hankering for some quality glam.  (St. John passed away in 2007.)  My score:


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