Lizzy Borden – “Visual Lies” (1987)

With a few releases under their belt, Lizzy Borden finally got a (much-needed?) scrubbing at the hands of über-producer Max Norman.  The over-caffeinated, Iron Maiden-influenced sound that found its way onto Lizzy’s 1985 debut Love You To Pieces was no more.  Now with a top-notch producer at the helm, Lizzy Borden began to sound a little more slick and commercial; more like the L.A. glam band their visual image had always projected.  But don’t mistake the sonic bath for a loss of power, Lizzy Borden still played heavy metal music, and Lizzy himself still looked as ridiculous as ever with the makeup, the blood, the long nails, and of course, the same stupid “smile” in every photo.  One of Lizzy Borden’s greatest songs graces this album with its presence, Me Against The World.  Placed at the beginning of the record, Me Against The World sets a high bar that the rest of the album can’t quite match.  The remainder of the album consists of well-played, well-sung, well-produced, accessible metal.  It all flows pretty well, even if the songwriting never quite surpasses “good enough”.  My score: B


One thought on “Lizzy Borden – “Visual Lies” (1987)

  1. Maybe the strongest in a line of very good LB releases and musically much closer to Iron Maiden (Lizzy gets pretty close to Bruce at times….) than glam metal as the band’s OTT image suggested. Also noteworthy for still being the only full-length album recorded and released to this day by future David Lee Roth and Ozzy guitarist Joe Holmes who Lizzy insisted use the name J. Holmes at the time.

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