Cirith Ungol – “King Of The Dead” (1984)

I guess I have to scratch my head at the niche audience that hails Cirith Ungol as heavy metal legends.  But then again, the band seems to hit on several of the critical attributes that resonate with cultists; fierce independence, defiance of conventional metal norms, and fantasy-based lyrics/imagery.  Heck, even the name Cirith Ungol is a Tolkien-ism (geek boner!).  I find myself not too taken with the band’s spaced-out and stoned-out sound.  As for the argument of whether singer Tim Baker’s voice is revelatory or utter and complete shite, I guess it doesn’t really matter because he sings every song the same f*cking way.  Though I didn’t love Cirith Ungol’s debut Frost And Fire, I do think I prefer that record to this one.  I just don’t know… with this band I feel like I’m on my belly crawling through the mucky-muck.  My score: C


2 thoughts on “Cirith Ungol – “King Of The Dead” (1984)

  1. I am not surprised that you aren’t the biggest Cirith Ungol fan as Tim Baker’s vocals are an acquired taste to say the least. I don’t know if you have it but check out their fourth album Paradise Lost – Baker sings in a more normal register on that one and you may like it better.

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