Dr. Mastermind – “Dr. Mastermind” (1986)

My expectations were extremely low when I pressed play for the first time on my Dr. Mastermind cassette (a recent acquisition).  Why?  Because the cover looks retarded as hell, and the band name hints at shock rock akin to Piledriver, Impaler, or worse yet, W.A.S.P.!  But what my ears encountered wasn’t total crap, much to my surprise.  Turns out what I am listening to is a trio of journeyman rockers brought together on the Shrapnel label for a pit stop somewhere on the long and winding road of their respective careers in the biz.  Dr. Mastermind himself was actually Matt McCourt, best known from Wild Dogs.  (Matt was not, in fact, a board certified doctor.)  This album features mostly straight-forward speed metal, with obtuse “shredding” solos, and gang shouted choruses.  Not too shabby, actually.  Total mid-eighties, small label, METAL.  Best track: Abuser.  My score: B


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