Grand Prix – “Samurai” (1983)

Grand Prix are sometimes classified as a NWOBHM band, but I consider that label to be erroneous.  It seems any guitar-driven band that came out of the U.K. in the early eighties gets slapped with the NWOBHM label these days.  Truth be told, Grand Prix played the kind of high-brow AOR that most NWOBHM bands were railing against.  But I digress, this Chrysalis Records release was the last of three for Grand Prix.  Featuring a splendid vocal performance by Robin McAuley, Samurai is a classy and pristine chunk of AOR.  At times I think of April Wine when I listen to this.  Maybe even a little whiff of Queen?  (Or am I just drunk?)  If you have a taste for well done “pomp” rock, you really can’t go wrong with Samurai.  There are plenty of divine vocal harmonies and gorgeous melodies to be found.  Faves include 50/50, Give Me What’s Mine, and the epic/triumphant Samurai.  Really, this is an incredible album!  My score: A


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