Oz – “Fire In The Brain” (1983)

A fine piece of Scandinavian steel, Fire In The Brain was first released in 1983 by the Finnish label Tyfon Grammofon.  Soon after, many other record labels in-licensed this product (including Combat Records who released Fire In The Brain in 1984).  This album is pretty well-rounded, and one can imagine Oz drew from several different influences.  For the most part, Fire In The Brain manages to consistently bludgeon your dome with a lead pipe while working over your ball sack like a punching bag.  Eight solid tracks come your way, casting a dark cloud over head and sending plumes of black smoke billowing into the air.  As their lead vocalist spews acid over the fast paced riffing, lead track Search Lights kicks off the album with a piss storm of old school metal.  This is my favorite track on the album!  Elsewhere, Fortune is a fine mid-paced rocker with a catchy little hook, and Black Candles cooks up an eerie vibe, leaving you spellbound and hell bound.  My score: B+


2 thoughts on “Oz – “Fire In The Brain” (1983)

  1. Great album and easily the best that band ever did. Also, check out their 2011 release Burning Leather. It’s half re-recordings and half new tracks. The re-recordings sound exactly like the old versions and the new tracks would fit on any of their old releases. Great stuff.

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