Jetboy – “Feel The Shake” (1988)

Hair/glam metal, to me, is a lot like pizza.  Just like it is almost impossible to f*ck up a pizza, it’s almost impossible to f*ck up glam metal.  Even mediocre glam metal is easy on the ears, just as mediocre pizza goes down the gullet just fine thank you.  There’s just something about the glam metal formula that works, and all a band had to do was stick close to the recipe to make a decent record.  Jetboy, to me, were nothing special, but they played by the rules, and it only took two or three spins of Feel The Shake before I was jamming along. 

Jetboy were supposedly a punk influenced band, but I think that aspect of their style got washed out during the recording of Feel The Shake.  Chalk it up to the corporate machine.  At least that one guy got to keep is mohawk.  Tom Allom produced Feel The Shake (MCA Records).  What comes through on Feel The Shake is a definitive blues character, as well as tiny smattering of old Hanoi Rocks.  (Note: Hanoi Rocks’ Sam Yaffa was Jetboy’s bassist on Feel The Shake.)  As I said, nothing special here, but good enough.  Save for one routine blues snoozer, Hometown Blues, all the tracks on Feel The Shake breeze along with decent energy.  I can’t say there are any gems on here that I would call “mix tape worthy”, but color me entertained.  My score: B


2 thoughts on “Jetboy – “Feel The Shake” (1988)

  1. I saw these guys live once at a club in LA. Pretty good show but the real test of a band is whether you buy their music or not. I didn’t. I vaguely remember the title track and now will go look it up to hear again. Thanks for the memory jolt man!

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