Victory – “Victory” (1985)

Gotta admit, that’s a pretty creative cover, eh?  It certainly captures the attention!  But the real question is, how are the tunes?  Decent.  Not great.  Victory consists of gritty hard rock with simple, sturdy beats and a nice plug n’ play guitar crunch.  Vocalist Charlie Huhn provided a serviceable holler.  The songs had plenty of breathing room, too.  All these attributes usually add up to a winning formula, but Victory didn’t knock it out of the park.  I guess I consider Victory (CBS Records) one of those cruising, “lettin’ off some steam” albums, but a lower grade one at that.  Not as good as, say, Helix or Krokus (Victory reminds me of these two bands in particular).  This was the first of several albums by this German band.  My score: C+


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