Angus – “Warrior Of The World” (1987)

This Dutch metal band had a nice debut in 1986 with Track Of Doom.  That album featured a killer track called The Gates.  Angus returned for a second heavyweight bout with 1987’s Warrior Of The World (Megaton Records).  This album was even better than their first.  The gargantuan title track starts the album off with an explosion of thick guitars and pummeling drums.  It is an immense song, and IMO the best of Angus’ brief career.  The guitar sound on this album (and Angus’ debut, for that matter) was quite unique, sounding almost “futuristic” (if that makes any sense).  I’m not sure how they achieved this heavy tone, but I’m guessing there was digital processing of some kind?  As for the drums, they were definitely touched up by some sort of studio magic.  I actually wonder if a drum machine was used.  Nevertheless, the drums sound extremely heavy on this LP.  For vocals, we had Edgar Lois.  The man sounded like a seven-foot tall, muscle-bound barbarian.  (In fact, he was not.)  With speed and metal might, Angus blazed through a killer set of tunes on Warrior Of The World.  Angus savagely rips your nips with songs like Moving Fast, Black Despair, and Money Satisfies.  Only one song falls a little flat (Freedom Fighter).  There’s even a well done ballad called I’m A Fool With Love.   

In 2001, Sentinel Steel re-released Warrior Of The World (fully re-mixed and remastered) along with Angus’ 1986 album Track Of Doom as a 2-on-1 CD.  Unfortunately, I’m A Fool With Love was omitted.  My score: A-


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