Testament – “The Legacy” (1987)

And so began the long career (or “legacy”, if you will) of Testament.  They had their share of ups and downs over the years, but when the smoke cleared Testament came out looking pretty good in the rearview mirror, eh?  Heck, it’s 2012 and Testament are currently riding a remarkable surge in popularity.  Whodathunkit?  Anyway, back in 1987 Testament released their well-respected debut The Legacy.  Testament quickly established themselves as one of the most popular “second wave” thrash bands of the decade.  As for my feelings on The Legacy, I actually go a little against the grain.  Truth is, I don’t really love The Legacy.  Overall, I think the album is a little too one-dimensional, and lacking that extra “something”.  I think Chuck Billy’s vocals were okay, maybe a little forced.  For me, Alex Skolnick’s solos were the highlight of the album.  To many fans, Testament made a definitive heavy metal statement with this thrash debut, but I find it a little smothering.  Nevertheless, The Legacy is still one of the better thrash albums of 1987, and my personal favorite Testament album from the eighties.  Best song: Burnt Offerings.  My score: B


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