Atomkraft – “Conductors Of Noize” (1987)

Mercifully, the Atomkraft era ended in 1987 with the Conductors Of Noize EP, the band’s final ode to migraine headaches.  This band didn’t exactly deliver high quality metal on their first two records, and this third and final chapter kept their defeated streak alive.  Tony ‘Demolition” Dolan would soon leave the band for Venom, but not before unleashing this claustrophobic spectacle of mine-shaft thrash.  In terms of influence, Slayer seemed to be the soup de jour for Atomkraft during the Conductors Of Noize days.  Check out Teutonic Pain, a track that borrows a bit from Slayer’s Angel Of Death.

The entire Conductors Of Noize EP was included on a 2004 Atomkraft 2-CD compilation called Total Metal: The Neat Anthology released by Sanctuary/Castle.  My score: C


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