Whitecross – “Whitecross” (1987)

Whitecross was a Christian metal band featuring Rex Carroll on guitar and Stephen Wenzel on vocals.  Whitecross kind of remind me of Ratt in a few ways, thanks to Carroll’s chunky/sleazy guitar riffage and Wenzel’s gritty “poor man’s Stephen Pearcy” singing style.  Dokken also comes to mind.  Check out the lead riff to All I Need, it has George Lynch written all over it.  Rex Carroll probably could have made a go of it in the secular music world, but I guess he had a higher calling.   I’m not gonna lie, this album really rocks.  Of course, the Christian lyrics are a bit much.  I wish Whitecross’ Christian message was a little more between the lines, I get a little squeamish when I hear lyrics like “when I’m feeling down, with darkness all around, Jesus says to me — remember just one thing, you’re mine.”  Ewwwwwww!  I came to be rocked, not to listen to the Sermon on the Mount.  But then again, Whitecross weren’t making music for me, were they?  My score: B


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