Steel Angel – “Kiss Of Steel” (1986)

This is a little known album out of France.  Steel Angel’s Kiss Of Steel contains some excellent melodic power metal.  I was lucky to stumble across this old relic because it is a helluva gem!  Kiss Of Steel soars on the wings of a mighty vocalist name Pat Monteiro.  Though he does sing with a touch of an accent, it doesn’t sound like a French accent.  I’m not sure.  (Note: the lyrics are in English)  Monteiro’s voice reminds me of Rob Halford’s style on early Judas Priest tracks like Island Of Domination.  Kiss Of Steel (released by Sydney Productions) was the second (and last) Steel Angel album.  The album conveys a bright atmosphere, and the songs feel uplifting (even if the lyrics aren’t always so).  For the most part, the riffs aren’t all that tricky, but the leads are pretty nice.  I like the use of vocal layering sometimes used.  Majestic heights are reached with amazing tracks like Pay For All and For The Dawn.  Highly recommended to power metal aficionados.  Pat Monteiro, take a bow!  My score: A


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