Cacophony – “Go Off!” (1988)

Cacophony!  Featuring not one, but TWO fierce six-string shredders in Jason Becker and Marty Friedman, Cacophony’s Go Off! album showcases the pair’s ridiculous fret board skills, all the while not forgetting to give you actual songs in the process.  Go Off! was the second (and last) Cacophony album (Shrapnel Records).  The line-up also included journeyman Deen Castronovo on the skins (giving a pretty psycho performance himself) and Frank Marinno (Le Mans) on vocals.  Six of the eight tracks contained vocals.  Two were instrumentals.  The album doled out doses of speed, shred, and neo-classical metal.  Favorites include the mid-paced monster Black Cat, the ultra-catchy Stranger, and the dark sorcery of Floating World.  After Cacophony, Friedman went on to join Megadeth and Becker joined David Lee Roth’s band.  Unfortunately, Becker was diagnosed with ALS soon thereafter.  Against all odds, Becker continues to battle the disease to this very day, despite being paralyzed and unable to speak.  There’s even a documentary about Jason called Jason Becker: Not Dead Yet.  Here’s a link to the trailer.  Pretty inspirational stuff!  My score: A-


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