Adam Bomb – “Fatal Attraction” (1985)

When Adam Brenner, a.k.a. Adam Bomb, released his first album in 1985, he probably thought, at the very least, he would be the most famous Adam Bomb of the year.  But that was not the case!  Nope, another Adam Bomb came along in 1985 and stole the show.  That’s right, how can anyone ever hope to compete with THIS Adam Bomb?  NO WAY!


Adam Bomb carried on the non-legacy of the band TKO.  In 1981, Adam Brenner recorded the album In Your Face with the band TKO.  Brenner was the guitarist for TKO at the time.  However, In Your Face didn’t see the light of day until ’84.  By the time In Your Face found a record label to release it (Combat Records in the U.S. and Music For Nations Records in the U.K.), Adam had long since left the band (and he was not even credited in the liner notes).  In 1985, Adam Bomb’s own band released Fatal Attraction on Geffen Records.  Adam Bomb played guitar and sang for his new band.  Much like TKO’s In Your Face album, Fatal Attraction delivered a dose of hard knocks rock and roll.  TKO producer Rick Asher Keefer produced Fatal Attraction, in his usual wobbly, rough fashion.  Nothing special there.  Adam Bomb’s street style hard rock plodded along unremarkably on Fatal Attraction, and Adam didn’t see his hopes of being a hard rock pin-up come to fruition.  The song Russian Roulette was covered a year later by the band Aaronsrod.  I actually prefer Aaronsrod’s spirited take on this song to Adam Bomb’s original.  My score: C+


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