Helix – “Walkin’ The Razor’s Edge” (1984)

Helix wanted nothing more than to rock you.  This was never more apparent than on their song Rock You.

…And rock you they did.  With simple songs that clocked in around three minutes or so, Helix didn’t waste any time on extracurriculars.  Nope, they rushed to the song’s chorus and made sure they repeated said chorus a million times until it was embedded in your skull.  This kind of song writing approach is a well-worn template in the pop world.  What it does, in my opinion, is make a Helix album immediately satisfying on the first or second listen, but also something that grows tiresome with repeated listening.  After a while, this causes ear fatigue, leaving the listener ready to move on to other albums.  But this was Helix’s approach, and it has its place.  To listen to a Helix album means going into familiar, comfortable territory.  It means being rocked upon impact.  Like that first sip of a freshly opened beer.  My score: B+


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