Bodine – “Bold As Brass” (1982)

Dutch boyz with electric toyz!  Bodine was one of the earliest Dutch metal bands along with Picture.  (Vandenberg and Highway Chile came along shortly thereafter to add more kick-ass music to the equation.)  While Picture aligned their sound with that of the NWOBHM, Bodine rocked a muscular metallic blues/boogie alloy.  Though traditional in a sense, Bodine injected plenty of juice into their loose and lively sound.  1982’s Bold As Brass (Rhinoceros Records) was the second of three albums for Bodine.  Stuffed with grooves aplenty and fiery guitars, Bold As Brass does pack a heavy punch, though it lacks any truly deadly tunes.  Of note would be the wild vocals of Axel Joseph Langemeijer, who sounded like he had one hell of a buzz on!  I’ll have what he’s having!  This album is okay, but Bodine’s third and final album Three Times Running was even better.  My score: B-  


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