Uriah Heep – “Abominog” (1982)

It was pretty much a whole new Uriah Heep line-up for this album.  Heep guitarist Mick Box was the only member remaining from the band’s previous incarnation.  Lee Kerslake (drums) and Bob Daisley (bass) joined, both after being unceremoniously dropped from the Ozzy Osbourne band.  Peter Goalby (vocals) and John Sinclair (keyboards) rounded out the new roster.

I had read a few glowing reviews for Abominog, but never listened to it until now.  Recently I saw it for a buck at the Goodwill store, so I snatched it up.  (You’ll be surprised what you can find at Goodwill, and the money goes to a good cause, too.)  Does Abominog live up to the acclaim?  No, not entirely.  But Abominog is a decent hard rock album, though maybe a tad dinosaur-ish, even for 1982.

First of all, five of the ten songs on tap are covers.  Not sure what that says about the refurbished Heep line-up, but that amount of covers is a little egregious, if not downright lazy.  But I have never heard the original versions of any of these five covers, so at least they are new to me.  The content of Abominog is split between driving hard rock, AOR, and the stuff in between.  The sum total being “arena rock” I suppose.  In general, the best tracks are the band’s originals.  Incidentally, they also seem to be the heavier ones.  Chief among them, the barnstorming Too Scared To Run, the album’s unquestionable highlight!  My score: B


3 thoughts on “Uriah Heep – “Abominog” (1982)

  1. I love this album,I bought it with a record token when I was 11. I bought it cause I loved the chimpanzee devil on the cover but was soon bowled over by the great rock songs on it, sure 5 of them are covers but I hadn’t heard any of them before. Makes me nostalgic for the Nwobhm.

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