Torch – “Fire Raiser” (1982)

Torch!  Early Swedish metal here, and quite heavy for 1982.  This five track EP goes by the name Torch, Fireraiser, or Fire Raiser.  (Pick a fave and go with it.)  It was originally released in 1982 by Tandan Records.  Mausoleum Records also released the EP, and years later (1990) Metal Blade released the EP as part of their Metal Classics Series.

With a molten mix, Torch delivered Euro-nastiness on Fire Raiser that gets me thinking of something German of origin, as opposed to the melodic metal that came from Sweden in the early and mid eighties.  Five explosive warheads careening towards your noggin.  My feelings on this particular sonic brew fall in line with my thoughts on Torch’s full-length debut from 1983 (called Torch).  That is, I find the execution flawless and the metal conviction of Torch admirable, but I’m not sure the songs themselves are memorable enough to consider this record a truly great one.  My score: B-  


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