Virgin Steele – “Wait For The Night” (1983)

Virgin Steele is one of those bands that PLAY IT LOUD! enthusiastically endorses.  Therefore, it should be of no surprise that I consider this four track EP essential to the V.S. fan.  Released in 1983 on the short-lived NY label Mongol Horde Records, Wait For The Night buttressed the band’s stellar full-length from earlier in the same year, Guardians Of The Flame.  All of the songs included on this EP would have fit perfectly on that killer full-length.  With Virgin Steele, one could expect equal parts epic “chest metal”, cock rock, and melodramatic cheese.  Laugh, cry, or unleash your broadsword.  Whatever the case may be, you will be entertained!

On Wait For The Night, we get one track from the LP (re-mixed), the excellent Don’t Say Goodbye (Tonight), and three new cuts in Wait For The Night, I Am The One, and Go Down Fighting.  All quality tracks, and quintessential early Virgin Steele (complete with the requisite crap production).

The hard-to-find CD 2002 re-issue of Guardians Of The Flame included the non-LP cuts from Wait For The Night as bonus tracks.  My score: A-


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