Exises – “Exises” (1986)

Whoa!  Now hang on just one god damn minute… why doesn’t anyone ever talk about this one?

Maybe I’m alone here, but I think Exises’ self-titled album from 1986 is a classy chunk of hard rock/metal.  This album was originally released by the Dutch label Megaton Records.  In the U.S. it came out on the Medusa label.  Maybe this Dutch band’s odd name and questionable cover art are to blame for the album’s passed-over status?  I certainly don’t think the music itself deserves such a fate.  First of all, Exises’ guitarist Michel Siethoff showed himself to be an absolute ACE of an axe man!  Siethoff uncorked many a clever and crafty riff while also conjuring tons of fluid licks and articulate leads from his trusty Washburn.  Fans on Silver Mountain’s refined, neo-classical style will certainly enjoy Siethoff’s elegant playing.  This guy should have been a star!  Add to that the exceptional vocals of one Frank Leurs (who reminds me of Bert Heerink of Vandenberg) and you’re talking about a tasty Euro-stew.  I mean, when I listen to high quality cuts like Fear For The Night and Misunderstood, I get the same icy cool sensation that I get from biting into a f*cking York Peppermint Patty.  That’s some refreshing stuff!  My score: A-


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