Tokyo Blade – “Tokyo Blade” (1983)

Now that’s what I call a cool album cover!

Tokyo Blade’s debut (Powerstation Records) delivered high energy heavy metal in the vein of bands like fellow NWOBHMers Satan and Tygers Of Pan Tang (circa Spellbound).  None can deny Tokyo Blade’s conviction to metal on this record, which features up-tempo songs chock full of revved up guitars and quality hooks.  Unfortunately, Tokyo Blade comes with two definitive flaws.  First, almost every song is at least a minute or so too long.  Much of the excess can be attributed to extended lead breaks that aren’t nearly heroic enough to warrant such an egregious amount of tape space.  Second, singer Alan Marsh was, at best, ordinary.  He lacked the range and charisma necessary to put this album over the top.  Nevertheless, it’s hard not to enjoy spirited NWOBHM cuts like Sunrise In Tokyo, Powergame, and If Heaven Is HellTokyo Blade is a good album, but one that unfortunately falls short of greatness due to the aforementioned deficiencies.  (Note: The band changed their name from Genghis Khan to Tokyo Blade prior to this album.)  My score: B


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